Car Accidents Distracted Driving

A new study from Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) found that, in most car crashes, distracted driving plays a role. They dug deep on this problem, examining phone logs from drivers in hundreds of thousands of real accidents.

The new study found in 52 percent of all wrecks, drivers had been on their phones. These aren't just fender benders 29% of drivers were doing over 56 miles per hour.

Distracted driving due to smartphone use is intuitively blamed for the increase in road crashes. What's less intuitive is that smartphones hold the solution to the problem they created. Drivers now have access to tools that analyze their driving and achieve real behavioral change through immediate and ongoing feedback.

Texting, browsing social media and email are the most common distractions. The average duration of distraction was 135 seconds.

This data makes it clear that distracted driving is one of the most urgent public safety problems facing our communities today. With April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it's important to take a critical look at how we can most effectively reduce the danger that drivers face. By harnessing the very technology that threatens driver safety, and using it to help drivers understand and improve their behavior, we're making the world safer by the day.

This comes at a time when more people are dying on our roads than we've seen in a decade.