More than half of U.S. states will raise their minimum wage in 2022, but employers are hiking pay faster

  • Twenty-six U.S. states will raise their minimum wage in 2022, but many workers will see more significant pay gains from employers that are raising their pay floor.
  • Workers have been pushing to earn at least $15 an hour since 2012, but recent pay hikes and higher inflation mean that the benchmark could be changing.
  • Activists are beginning to push for wages higher than $15 an hour as well, citing inflation and the cost of basic needs.

California’s largest businesses will be required to pay workers a minimum of $15 an hour in January.

El Gobierno de EE.UU. eliminó el programa de alivio migratorio para cubanos que permitía solicitar asilo a profesionales médicos de ese país que abandonaran sus brigadas internacionales o que cursaran estudios en el exterior.

Venezuela es el país con más solicitudes de asilo afirmativo en Estados Unidos durante el año 2016.

Venezolanos piden asilo a Estados Unidos
El colapso de la economía Venezolana, dependiente del petróleo, provocó una fuga entre la clase media, ya que, por primera vez, lo venezolanos lideran las solicitudes de asilo en Estados Unidos.