Mass Tort Lawyers / Mass Tort Attorneys
A mass tort is defined as a civil action which involves multiple plaintiffs against a single, or multiple, corporate defendants in a state or federal court.

Due to the fact that mass torts are brought on by a large group of individuals that have been injured on a large scale by the same company, they are typically consolidated into one court room under a single judge. These cases will also permit an attorney, or group of attorneys, to represent the injured victims in individual cases.

Agricultural Mass Torts
Local farmers often rely on larger agricultural corporations to supply them with seed and materials to grow and harvest crops, and produce goods. When these companies act negligently they can cause serious problems to small farmers, therefore costing them their livelihood.

Defective Products Mass Torts
If you have been injured or suffered significant financial loss as a result of a defective product, the large company which caused the losses and damages must be held responsible. These cases may include, baby toys, exercise equipment, or auto airbags.

Defective Medical Device Mass Torts
While many medical devices are used each day on patients, a number of these devices may be defective. This may result in further surgeries to correct or replace the previously implemented device. By doing so, it may set the patient back financially, mentally, and physically. When this same device affects dozens of people, cases may be grouped into one court room.

Mass Disaster Torts
Mass disaster torts occur when multiple people suffer injuries from a large scale accident, such as a train, bus, or plane crash, or a building collapsing. When this occurs, cases may be consolidated into one court room.

Mass Toxic Torts
Toxic torts occur when injuries or diseases are caused to a group of people as the result of exposure to a certain chemical. Individuals may be exposed to toxic chemicals through their place of work, in their home, from the environment, from consumer products, or from pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Mass Torts
When a group of people are harmed by a dangerous drug, they may be eligible to receive compensation from the manufacturer, seller, or distributor. Some common dangerous drugs include, .

As mass torts may arise when any individual, or large company brings harm to a large number of people, there are dozens of types of mass torts which may occur. If you believe you may have a case, which may fall in the above categories, or you believe may be a mass tort, we welcome you to contact us.