Express Divorce Colombia

Express Divorces in Colombia - A law adopted in June 2005 simplifies administrative steps for some legal processes, including divorce when there is mutual consent. If the case meets the requirement, the divorce can be filed in front of a notary.

This procedure is called express divorce due to the couple can get divorced in a matter of days when there are no children under 18 years old and there are not assets to be liquidated and both agree to get divorced.

The express divorce requires to be filed by a lawyer not directly by the parties as people use to believe and the presence of the attorney is a MUST , without him, the divorce can be void later in court.

The mechanism to get divorced is easy:

  1. Contact your lawyer and let him know that you and your mate are looking for an express divorce.
  2. The lawyer will write down the agreement based on the specific circumstance of the divorce such as alimony, separate residence, visa status…etc.
  3. Once the lawyer has received the documents required along with the agreement signed by both man and wife, he will submit petition for divorce to the notary who will check documents again and if they are ok, will grant the divorce.
  4. Not all divorces can be filled in front of a notary, as a lawyer; there are certain circumstances even it is none contested, that make the divorce done in notary not good for the situation of the couple.
  5. Once the divorce is granted, lawyer will submit copies to you and former wife and proceed with its registration.

Be careful, not all lawyers know what are pro or negative sides of the express divorce done in a notary. Consult a family lawyer for further questions.

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