Initial buyer inquiry: first opportunity to impress potential buyers

Buyer Truths: Buyers don’t call on schedule, they have more information than ever before, they often call the listing agent directly, they are interviewing the agent and controlling the phone conversation. They don’t understand the MLS and they are calling multiple agents. They think they are going about it the right way, they are not familiar with the home-buying process and they need an agent in order to see the home.

Buyer Realities: Always keep in mind that the buyer has most likely called other offices, spoken with other agents, may have driven by a few homes, may have even seen a few homes and may be receiving e-mail from each agent they spoke with. In other words, they were not pleased with the knowledge or assistance these other agents provided and are still looking for an agent who can help them.

The Challenge: Being more knowledgeable and more prepared to provide enough information to obtain an appointment instead of being stuck in follow-up mode. Knowing more about what is for sale than the buyer does and using that knowledge to convert the call to an appointment. In other words, are you prepared to be different from and better informed than the previous agents the buyer has spoken with?

The first appointment: the first step to selling a home or the first step to not having a second appointment

  • Be prepared. Have the desk cleared, have the MLS open and know what you want to accomplish.
  • Respect the buyer appointment. Turn off your cell phone, avoid interruptions and warm up with conversation about the who, what, where, when and why needs of the buyer.
  • Explain how you work. Show how you search for homes, explain the MLS, explain the home showing process and review appointments set and or review search results in setting additional appointments.
  • Provide agency disclosures. Review and discuss mortgage qualifying, mortgage payments and closing costs.
  • Have the buyer ride in your car and return to the office to review the appointment.

The Challenge: Establishing a relationship with the buyer where they believe you can, and will, provide the assistance they need in their home search and purchase.