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This is a very common question that clients ask me when they want to buy a property in Colombia. They mentioned things like these “ I have been told notary will do all and I don’t need a lawyer”, “ I want to save lawyer expenses, notary told me that I don’t need one”, the clerk of notary told me he can take of all with an extra tip of the fee and I don’t need a lawyer” or the worst is that the notary recommends a specific lawyer to help you.

These statements of clients are always a future problem and the reason is that Colombian notary is not responsible for the content or the legal transaction that the parties are doing.

The notary only is responsible to give faith that the signature and parties showed up at this notary and signed the document.

It happens a lot to foreign clients that they showed up at notary and sign the deed and notary calls and say it was correct, but clients in the future check the property again and it turn out that it was sold with a lower area, with things missing or the identification of the property was incorrect or even worst the TITLE had a legal problem before such as involve in money laundry, mortgages, estate process pending, divorces in process and notary did not mention anything and party without a lawyer and no knowledge of the law, could not know.

My recommendation is that foreign client always use a lawyer to be represented in any kind of business, any kind of saving legal fees, could end in a large trial with higher fees than the ones that person saved in the beginning.

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- Title and deed study in Colombia
- Title search in Colombia
- Title and deed registration in Colombia
- Verification of deed and contracts in Colombia

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