Most buyers fall into one of three categories, he says. You'll find buyers searching for a dream home, buyers looking for a great home at a fair price and buyers scouring for the next bargain. The dream-home searchers will probably pay full price if they find the place they want. The great-home shoppers aren't going to offer full price but will be especially willing to negotiate. The bargain hunters? They thrive on finding the best price and may be looking for a fixer-upper.

There are 3 types of home buyers that you should avoid:

The Zero Percent Down Home Buyer. If your home is setting a high selling versus comparable homes "a mortgage firm might find it challenging to appraise your house for buyers with little or no money down. The draw back is that you'll have to put your house back on the market again when your buyer's mortgage request fails.

The Big Mouth Home Buyer. Nobody likes bullies. You will be inundated with a list of things that are wrong with house all while presenting an offer. The inspection process will be a nightmare. If you detect a big mouth move on. The bully approach is a indication to an endless negotiation.

The Unseen Home Buyer. You may get an offer from a person someone who has only seen photos of your house. It can be a trick. No one is going to buy a house without seeing it, this buyer just wants to tie up your house to take it off the market.