Paralegals and legal assistants are supportive personnel who work at law firms and legal offices. They perform a wide range of services in order to help lawyers prepare for trials and hearings; day-to-day duties include obtaining affidavits and evidence to be used in court, researching case law, filing exhibits and reading trial transcripts.

John Jay College CUNY, New York
Certificate in Spanish Legal Interpretation

Description. Interpretation is the process by which oral communication is rendered from one language to another. The original is spoken, and the rendition is delivered in another spoken language. This certificate program prepares students for careers in legal/court interpretation. It will instruct students in the techniques and procedures of producing an accurate, efficient interpretation, particularly in the legal field. Students completing this certificate will be prepared to take the State and Federal court interpreter certification exams and for careers in interpretation.

New York John Jay College Paralegal Certificate Programs
Students have many choices in paralegal education. There are two year, four year, and several month long programs. But certificate programs are valued as much as any other form of paralegal education. And as you will see, there are definite advantages to a certificate program.

John Jay College Paralegal Program - The Paralegal Certificate Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a rigorous educational experience focusing on the practical skills needed to succeed as a paralegal. It includes legal fundamentals and core paralegal skills as well as substantive topics of law, such as torts and criminal law. By completing the program, our certificate holders have passed comprehensive exams covering a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills.