Arizona Immigration law SB1070 Americans and Immigrants Collide.  The Arizona Immigration law that was recently passed has Americans and Immigrants colliding over whether or not the bill is necessary.  The law makes it a crime to live in or travel through the state of Arizona if you are an undocumented alien.

There are a variety of opinions; some welcome the bill with open arms, citing that it will deter some illegals from crossing the border of Arizona in order to commit crimes or use our social programs.

Others argue that illegal immigrants “contribute” to society by paying taxes and doing the jobs that typical Americans do not want to work. However, with the unemployment rate easily in the double digits, seeing illegal immigrants working even low wage jobs angers some who desperately need work.

Many have expressed frustration over the law being mainly an argument about Hispanic-Americans.  There are some that point out that the law covers ALL immigrants – even those from a European or Asian background.  Because European immigrants and Asian immigrants boast the same features as many “Americans” – they argue that the racial profiling argument is moot.

The fight about the Arizona immigration law will likely go all the way to Washington.  Politicians are already speaking out and taking sides on the controversial text. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how the law pans out.  Will it get repealed in its entirety, or will it go down as law?