The rallies share the date of May 1 with International Workers Day, a recognition of the four anarchist union leaders executed in Chicago in 1886 during the fight for the eight-hour workday. DC-based journalist Carlos Quiroz, who runs the Carlos in DC and Peruanista blogs, explained the connection.

In most of the world, especially in Latin America, in May 1 we celebrate the International Workers Day. It's a day when we recognize the effort of everyone, especially working-class people. And as you can see, most of the undocumented immigrants are coming to this country in order to find jobs, in order to work. It's not like people come here just to find a more comfortable life, because most of the cases it's not more comfortable.

It's a very sacrificing way of living, and people do it because they want to work to improve their lives and their families'. So today is a day to honor that effort and the values of trying to find a job to improve their lives, to help their children. Those are values that people should appreciate instead of persecuting these immigrants. We work, we live here, we have families here, we have friends. This is home for millions of people. So the only thing that people don't have is a document that tells that they actually officially belong to this country. But in reality, most undocumented immigrants are part of this nation already. It's just that the US government and interest groups don't want to accept the fact.

Arizona SB 1070 State Law - While the demands of immigration reform, fair education, and an end to deportations have been around for years, the recent developments in Arizona were on everybody's mind.

The call for a boycott has come from city governments like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the federal government of Mexico, and even Arizona's own congressmen, Raúl Grijalva.