About Getting Married in Colombia - MARRIAGES IN COLOMBIA

To get married in Colombia can be difficult procedures if you don’t count with correct legal support to file the petition for marriage in a Notary.

The first item: Look for the notary can work for you. There are many notaries that perform marriages (inside the notary) or in a ceremony room. Normally, foreign clients like to hire a lawyer. In my case I have represented foreign citizens whose spousal are Colombian and seem the process difficult to be handled without being in Colombia. Remember Colombia is different to other country and process that happen certain way in US or Canada can be the opposite in Colombia.

The standard documents required by the notary are
1. Certified copies of both spouses' birth certificates. For birth certificates issued in the United States, you will need to obtain a Spanish-language translation of the document, as well as an apostille.
2. Both spouses will also be asked to present proof that they are eligible to marry -- in other words, that they are not currently married.
3. If there are minor children from either of the petitioners, an additional documents that should be obtain in the Colombian family court must be asked by a lawyer and can take some weeks to get it processed. It is called INVENTARIO DE BIENES PARA MENORES.
4. Prenuptial agreement: this document wrote by the lawyer must be signed prior the wedding and cant be changed after the ceremony.
5. Copy of passport and cedula.
Once these documents have been signed, notary will allow the couple to get married. If there is one paper missing, and he authorize the weeding, you will risk that the marriage is void later in court procedure.

My recommendation is to get a lawyer who can assist you to review your documents and handle all the process, as I do for my clients, and transfer all the stress of legal burocracy to the attorney so the couple can dedicate to create a good ceremony and an excellent honeymoon.

To get married in Colombia, you don’t need to be physically inside Colombian territory, you can give power to an attorney to represent you during the ceremony and sign on your behalf the documents.

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