Non-Profit Organization Campaigns - Even though you've hired a professional fund-raiser to conduct a campaign, you're responsible for the actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, regular contact with the firm throughout the campaign is a must. Here are some additional tips for quality control:

  • If you're conducting a telemarketing campaign, insist that the fund-raiser institute a system for training and monitoring its operators to make sure they're following the authorized script. One method is to call back donors at random to verify the conversation. Provide the telemarketer with answers for commonly asked questions.
  • Make sure that the fund-raiser has a system in place to honor "do not call" requests.
  • Closely track complaints from the public. If a pattern develops, review the area that's causing confusion or concern and discuss ways to resolve the issue with the fund-raiser.
  • Keep tabs on the flow of money during the campaign. Make sure you get copies of original invoices as received, paid receipts as paid, bank statements, checks and deposit slips. Monitor all expenses to be sure they are reasonable and ordinary. Immediately question any expenses that appear excessive or lack documentation.

For More Information and to Report Fraud

Several private nonprofit organizations promote standards in philanthropy to evaluate the performance of public-service groups. These standards include guides about the use of professional fund-raisers. For more information, contact:

BBB Wise Giving Alliance - (703) 276-0100
American Institute of Philanthropy - (773) 529-2300