Domínguez, F / Guiu, I.  Legal Marketing  ISBN:9788497908290 - Páges: 75 


The book you are holding answers the key question of the law practice: What does the client actually hire from the lawyer? Knowing what the client hires will enable you to create or consolidate your own solid space in the legal world. The authors, partners of Dominguez & Guiu, have longstanding experience in Legal Marketing, assessing legal professionals from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

This work is the result of their activity in this sector. The legal bibliography also contains other publications that address marketing in professional practices, but none of them provide an answer to the key question, which is the subheading of this book. The authors answer this and other basic questions, and explain how a law practice and its strategy can be built around the core benefit that the good lawyer delivers to the client.

Legal Marketing is an indispensable read for all lawyers that wish to offer their clients a quality service. What makes a client trust their lawyer more? How can we set up our practice or consolidate our own space in the market? How do we organise the practice properly? How do we select the right professionals and manage teams well?