Types of Homeowner coverage for their homes.

Protection for Your Home "Property or Dwelling Coverage" - This typically pays to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by an insured event like a kitchen fire or windstorm.

Protection for People Personal Liability Coverage - This applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame. The coverage applies anywhere in the world. When choosing your liability coverage limits, consider things like how much money you make and the assets you own. Your personal liability coverage should be high enough to protect your assets if you are sued.

Medical Coverage - This covers medical expenses for guests if they are injured on your property, and in certain cases covers people who are injured off of your property. It does not cover health care costs for you or other members of your household.

Additional Living Expenses - If you can’t live in your home because of a covered loss, Safeco will pay additional living expenses typically for up to 24 months while damage is assessed and your home is repaired or rebuilt.

Protection for Personal Property Insurance - Your home is filled with furniture, clothes, sports equipment and other items that mean a lot to you. This helps replace these items if they are lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of a covered loss.

Landlords - We help landlords relax. You can’t be with your rental 24 hours a day, but your landlord protection insurance can. We understand the special challenges of protecting both your property and your own liability. Landlord Protection Insurances typically give you choices when purchasing the coverage you need.

  • Landlord Protection coverage is designed for landlords of tenant-occupied, multiple dwellings.
  • Providing only the level of coverage you need lowers your cost.
  • Extended dwelling coverage will automatically cover up to 25% above the amount for which your dwelling is insured in the event a major or total loss exceeds your coverage.

It’s important to know that Landlord Protection insurance is meant to cover accidental loss, not routine maintenance.