Need to learn About Franchise Training - This section explains the franchisor’s training and assistance program. heck for information about:

  • whether new employees are eligible for training and, if so, at what cost. Who pays?
  • how long the training sessions take. How much time is spent on technical training, business management training, and marketing?
  • who conducts the training and their qualifications
  • whether the company offers ongoing training and at what cost
  • support staff available for trouble-shooting: Are they assigned to your area and how many franchisees they are responsible for?
  • whether on-site individual assistance is available and at what cost

The training you need will depend on your business experience and your knowledge of the franchisor’s goods and services. If you have doubts about whether the training offered is sufficient to give you the tools you need to handle day-to-day business operations, consider another franchise opportunity.